PNB Tokyo Branch Remittance Instruction

For registered BENEFICIARY with PNB Tokyo, please fill up the form below, double check the information you entered; then press the SUBMIT button.

You may also call us to give us your remittance instruction.

For New Remitter, New Beneficiary, and for first over 100,000 yen remittance, please use the Remittance Membership Registration Form (RMR).  Please click here to get a copy of the RMR.

 For remittance of 1 million yen and above, proof of source of funds and purpose of remittance is needed.

*Mandatory Field

Remitterís Information・送金人情報  (Nagpapadala)
*PNB ID Number
Name of Sender/Remitter・ご依頼人名
*Last Name
*First Name
Middle Name
Address 郵便番号・登録住所
 Postal Code & Prefecture
Contact Information
*Mobile E-mail・携帯E-Mail  
Tel. No.・電話番号
Beneficiary/Receiverís Information 受取人情報 (Pinapadalhan)
*Receiver's Name 受取人名(口座名義人)
Receiver's Address 受取人住所  
Receiver's Telephone no.:  
*Bank and Branch Name  
*Account Number 受取人口座番号  
Currency 受取人口座通貨

Peso AccountDollar Account

*Amount in Yenお振込総額
  +2,000 yen Remittance Charge

Special message:
(Only for 3-D Door-to-Door remittances. Maximum of 30 characters)
  I sign.
By clicking the submit button below, you are hereby confirming and authorizing PNB Tokyo Branch to send your remittance according to your instructions.

Instructions received after 3:00 p.m. will be transacted on the following working day.